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  1. Madame de Pompadour’s Tips on How to Keep your Man


    05/04/2013 by noonobservation

    A birthday, absurd levels of drinking, and my pathetic attempts to buy a larger house to keep my books in …
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  2. Pauline Bonaparte: Keeping it in the Family


    11/01/2013 by noonobservation

    What do you do if you’re young, attractive, witty, fabulously wealthy and your brother is Emperor of Europe? I would …
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  3. Charades with the Hamiltons


    27/12/2012 by noonobservation

    It’s important to remember what Christmas is all about. As well as lunchtime gin, TV-related arguments and meat-sweats, Christmas is …
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  4. How to Dance Your Way to the Top


    05/10/2012 by noonobservation

    Someone stuck a leaflet for Zumba classes through my door this week. After tossing it into the recycling, the thought …
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