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  1. Arthur Wellesley: A Stalker’s Guide


    30/08/2012 by noonobservation

    There are many advantages to stalking historical figures, rather than the living. Firstly, they have fewer bodyguards (although one shouldn’t …
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  2. Memorabilia


    24/08/2012 by noonobservation

    I spent a good 10 minutes of my life today trying to remember the name of the founder of the …
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  3. Flash Gordon


    22/08/2012 by noonobservation

    This week I have been reading this 1890 biography of General Gordon (I have the 8th ed, published 1901) and listening to the …
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  4. Adventures in history

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    21/08/2012 by noonobservation

    I tend to spend a lot of my time in the past, poking around in various historical people and places …
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